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The Prochocs CUSTOM-PRO Powerlifting custom-fit mouthguard has a solid color of your choice.
CUSTOM-PRO Powerlifting mouthguard is custom made from an impression of your lower teeth.

  • Several American studies have shown that when you grit your teeth during an effort, your body generates on average 15 to 20% more brute force.
  • This model has been especially designed for the practice of powerlifting sports, bodybuilding, strongman etc ...
  • Indeed when we perform an intense effort the majority of us tend to clench our teeth, CUSTOM-PRO Powerlifting mouthguard therefore allows you to protect your teeth by limiting the wear of the enamel, by being able to apply strength on a flexible material, and by ensuring a perfect alignment of your teeth.

This model is not suitable for people with  orthodontic treatment (In that case you can choose our "Thermo-Pro Special Braces" model).

Please note shipping of your dental impression back to our workshop in FRANCE is not included. This must be arranged by you.

1 Custom-fit mouthguard includes:

- Your Custom-fit mouthguard (single color)

- 1 dental impression kit, including:
5 sizes of impression trays XS / S / M / L / XL
2 jars of silicone (valid for 1 impression)
1 user guide
1 plastic bag

- A black Prochocs protective case

Steps for creating your custom-fit mouthguard:

1 / Customize your custom-pro mouthguard on our configurator, and you place your order

2 / You receive your impression kit:
In order to make the process easier, we created a kit allowing you to make your dental impressions at home.

3 / Take your dental impressions:

4 / Send your impressions back to our laboratory: Please note shipping of your dental print back to our workshop is not included.
This must be arranged by you. Your dental impressions must be shipped to:
Prochocs, 40 rue de la Garonne, 47520 Le Passage, FRANCE

5 / You receive your Custom-fit mouthguard. All you have to do is mold the bottom of your mouthguard, for a perfect closure of your mouth:

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